The International Festival of Puppetry Art in Bielsko-Biala

International Festival of Puppetry Art has been organized by Banialuka Puppet Theatre since 1966. During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Bielsko- Biała (Poland) was the only locality in Europe, which acted as a meeting spot for theatres from the East and the West, and created conducive conditions for a confrontation of the European puppet theatre with that of the rest of the world. It was also the site of a combination of theatres cultivating archaic forms with the most avant-garde achievements of the contemporary theatre engaged in a quest. Over the years, Bielsko-Biała has played host to all the most acclaimed artists– authors of the history of the world puppet theatre, such as Albrecht Roser, Enno Podehl, Claude and Colette Monestier, Henk Boerwinkel, Eric Bass, Joan Baixas, Roman Paska, Richard Bradshaw, Josef Krofta with the famous Drak Theatre, and Peter Schumann with the legendary Bread and Puppet Theatre, as well as many others. Each edition of the Festival presents not only the masters of puppetry but also companies which combine puppetry, visual arts, theatre of movement, dance and music. Traditional and archaic theatres (often from distant and exotic locations ) are viewed with equal interest as fringe theatres. The boldness in searching for novelty and receptivity of festival organizers guarantee that our festival is a place of authentic theatrical confrontations and creative ferment.
The festival is organized as a competition. Professional Jury grants financial awards for the best spectacles.

Open air shows are important part of the festival. The streets turn into a stage where pageant, spectacles and music concerts create the atmosphere of festivity and allow everybody to
associate with fine art.
Exhibitions, workshops, concerts and movie projections enrich the program of the Festival.


The 27th  International Festival of Puppetry Art 18th - 22nd of May 2016




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